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One Grace

One Being
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Glow - Lift - Support

I believe in having grace with your skin's natural process, its all about supporting it, not reversing it. The One Grace Collection does just that, with a Traditional Gua Sha tool to stimulate your facial muscles, energise your skin cells + move your lymphatic system, bringing a beautiful glow to your skin. To enhance this daily ritual a handmade crochet headband + nourishing oil blend is also included. And lastly, locking it all in with a hydrating mist + deeply supportive rose moisturiser, together bringing you a beautiful morning skincare experience.

Collection Includes:

Traditional Gua Sha Tool + Guidance

Nourishing Oil Blend 10 ml

MV Rose Mist 70ml

MV Rose Moisturiser 30ml

Crochet Headband