Energising Mineral Mask Tin

Energising Mineral Mask Tin

MV Organics
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Why You'll Love It

A wonderful multi-tasker and a 'must have' if your skin has been neglected or is looking a little dull. This mask returns a healthy glow to devitalised and sun-damaged complexions, and noticeably improves skin tone and texture.

Created For

Revitalising and reviving tired complexions. An inspiring way to express self-care through ritual.

The Ritual

Using the MV Mask Brush, mix 2 tsp to a smooth, creamy consistency with spring or filter water. To customise this mask, add 3 drops of your favourite MV Skin Booster then brush on, avoiding the brows and hairline. Relax, then remove while still slightly damp, before this mask dries completely.

Kaolin (Superfine White Clay), Illite (Superfine Yellow Clay)


2 tsp per use = 17 uses